Why A Retainer?

With many of today’s industry leaders paying fees for placement services, retained search is a desirable option. Our clients pay a retainer so that we work for them, not for the potential candidate. When comparing a retained search firm to a placement agency, consider that the retainer simply eliminates the possibility of a mis-placement motivated by a fee. Finding the highest quality candidates to meet all of the objectives of the most challenging senior level positions takes our complete focus. In addition, because of the business-to-business nature of a retained search, all clients and assignments are kept confidential.

Retained search is a business that is largely dependent on client referrals, and at Russillo/Gardner we strive to place candidates for the long term. Our business is focused on specific industries which allows us to provide our clients with a broader perspective of their competition. With over 40 years of collective experience in our chosen disciplines, our principals know, first-hand, that the most qualified candidates are usually employed, and happily so. Not to mention that there is a flood of underqualified candidates to weed through before an interviewer could potentially find the “diamond in the rough”.

So, whether you are considering a retained search to narrow your efforts to the most qualified candidates, to keep your objectives totally confidential, or simply to tap into an industry insider’s perspective – Russillo/Gardner can help. Contact us today to learn more about retained search and its benefits to your corporation.