The Search Process

The following steps are accomplished during the course of an assignment:

  1. A written position specification is prepared, which summarizes the basic elements of the position, its scope and responsibilities, reporting relationships, requisite background, experience and personal attributes as well as other relevant information. This document, once reviewed by our client, is used as a working guideline for candidate identification and evaluation purposes.

  2. Individuals who appear to possess appropriate qualifications are identified and contacted.

  3. Within four weeks, a progress meeting is scheduled to discuss those potential candidates who have been identified up to that time. During this period we will conduct in-depth personal interviews of appropriate candidates, and where possible, will complete preliminary referencing of the more promising individuals.

  4. Written, insightful candidate profiles and background reports are prepared on those final candidates prior to arranging interviews for our client.

  5. We will play a role, as deemed necessary, in the negotiation of employment terms with the selected candidate.

  6. Extensive final referencing is completed on the successful candidate.

  7. We work closely with the hired executive during the period of disengagement from his or her former employer to ensure a smooth and effective transition.